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V-Flow Valves


Atlanta, Georgia, June 8, 2015 – Vernay is pleased to announce the NEW V-flow dispenser valves.  These versatile, bidirectional and customizable engineered dispensing valves can be optimized for your system to allow for effective and precise flow control.  A wide range of liquids, gases or even powders can be dispensed on demand.  These elastomeric dispensing valves are ideal for effective drip control and accurate dispensing.


The V-flow product family is cross slit with hardness ranging from 30 to 40 durometer.   Optimal dispensing accuracy can be achieved with modifications to the material formulation, durometer and geometry.  Typical applications include food and beverage dispensing as well as personal and cleaning packaged products, plus pharmaceutical or biomed packaging.  

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The VA31129 geometry is the smallest of this product family at 9.5mm (0.374 inch), whereas the VA31800 is larger at 16.1mm (0.634 inch).  Both are of the concave dispensing style and presented in 30 durometer silicone material.   The VA31772 geometry is the largest of the group at 18.3mm (0.719 inch).  It is an inverted dome style dispensing valve presented in 40 durometer silicone material.   


According to Thomas Turfait, Global Business Unit Manager for the Consumer Market, “This is a very exciting day for Vernay.  Launching of the V-flow product platform expands our product offering of cross slit valves.  Plus it provides a customizable platform for customers who are looking for unique features (materials and/or geometries) to differentiate their product from the competition versus buying something generic off the shelf that might not be a perfect fit for their specific application.”


Bob Ferguson, Vice President of Global R&D, said, “I am personally very proud to be a part of the research and development for the V-flow products, as well as the introduction into the Marketplace. Vernay has been working hard to realize various product feature improvements to existing types of dispensing products currently in the marketplace.  It is quite pleasing to see the convergence of research into actual V-flow products that will assuredly be part of many Customer solutions in the future.”


Andy Woodward, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, said, “Truly innovative companies launch products based upon listening to their individual customers’ requirements and then linking those to unmet market needs. It was clear that Vernay’s market approach towards customizable options in cross-slit dispensing valves was needed.  Our engineers are focused on projects ensuring they are ‘first time right’ and are ready to use this V-flow product platform to co-design an elastomeric valve matching a customer’s unique application needs. This ‘Concept to Launch’ process is what Vernay has done best for 70 years and is a key factor of our strategic plan going forward.” 


Founded in 1946, Vernay is an innovative flow control solutions provider.  Vernay’s global manufacturing reach and local co-development engineering centers support customers in the Automotive, Medical, Consumer and Small Engine markets.  For more information on Vernay’s services, products and markets, visit





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