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Vernay introduces a new twist to the SupraValve® Product Line.

 SupraValve® - HP (X319100)

        *Patent Pending*



Atlanta, Georgia, January 12, 2014 – Vernay, a global leader in flow control solutions, is pleased to announce the NEW SupraValve- HP®. The SupraValve-HP® platform is a uniquely designed high pressure check valve for medical device applications. The polycarbonate body contains a specially designed elastomeric valve that can manage the intense performance criteria needed in contrast media and saline IV transfer applications. Unlike typical tortuous path disc check valves, the NEW Vernay SupraValve-HP® has been designed to significantly reduce fluid turbulence providing effortless movement and less destabilization of the fluid.

The X3191000 check valve assembly features a miniature 40 ShA umbrella to maximize performance. This is a platform design that is available for your evaluation. Custom solutions can be developed with various opening pressures through alternative elastomeric inserts. Patents are pending for this unique check valve.

According to Tripp Avett, Medical Business Unit Leader, “adding a new platform to our current SurpaValve® product line is a strong step forward in innovation for Vernay. I expect our customers will find the product performance is excellent. There are no other high pressure check valves like it on the market today.”

Andy Woodward, Global Sales and Marketing Vice President, comments; there is a lot of internal excitement for the SupraValve-HP®. “It has been many years in the development; we believe we have something unique and of value to our customers as well as the market.”

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