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Vernay Offers: 

Advanced Thinking in Rubber 
Vernay is a global innovative co-design partner for customers in the Automotive, Medical and Consumer industry, with over 65 years of experience in providing high precision 
components, check valves, and subassemblies in fluid control applications.
Vernay supports development and production needs throughout the world, through engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in Europe, The Americas and Asia-Pacific.
Customers benefit from expert advice during the design phase to find reliable solutions for their fluid control and sealing challenges.


Advanced Technologies 
Creating a perfectly designed and functional component requires state-of-the-art 
simulation and predictive analysis tools. A deep understanding of the relationship between simulated results and actual performance is paramount. Vernay can support you in developing the optimal design and material formulation for your application. FEA, CFD, Mold Flow Simulation and our proprietary fluid control modeling software is available to explore the characteristics of any geometry, material and process, which is supported by functional testing capabilities. Vernay is capable to answer diverse challenges in achieving bonding between rubber and a variety of substrates as well as developing rubber materials with unique characteristics.


Advanced Processes 
Parallel to design activities our engineers from the earliest design concept phase evaluate effective processes to improve quality output and optimize manufacturing feasibility. A variety of molding techniques are available including: transfer, compression, injection, flashless and LIM. Our processes include bonding elastomer to plastic or metal, finishing operations, surface treatments to reduce friction and sticking as well as functional component assembly with automated in-line testing.

Contact Information:
We look forward to receive your motivation letter and cv to the attention of Ms. Boukje Broekman, Manager Human Resources: For detailed information you can contact Mr. Martin Reef, Global Automotive Business Unit Manager: or Mr. Jos Heidkamp, Engineering Manager Europe: