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New Automotive Product
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New Product
Introducing Vernay VoltaVentâ„¢ Battery Ventilation Solutions

Advancements in automotive energy and drive trains continue to drive a need for more complex air flow systems and solutions. Battery packs in electric-powered vehicles are stored in stable protective casings that prevent damage from water and other roadway elements. These battery packs require venting and pressure compensation to avoid damage to the battery pack. In response to these challenges, Vernay developed the Vernay VoltaVent™ solution.

The Vernay VoltaVent™ fulfills three main functions:

- high flow thermal runaway safety valve with re-sealing capability

- pressure equalization to prevent unwanted pressure buildup in the battery pack

- pressure management within a predefined “protection zone”, there is no exchange of air (humidity), resulting in a significant reduction of moisture inside the battery pack.