Vernay V-BallĀ® Elastomeric Spheres

Automotive - V-Ball


Vernay offers ground elastomeric balls with excellent surface quality and good sphericity without parting lines. V-Ball® elastomeric balls are small, versatile, resilient spheres used in applications such as simple check valve components with spring support, indicators, or as a shuttling valve.  V-balls® provide the flexibility to enhance sealing, are lightweight, and can be designed for high abrasion resistance.  They are compliant enough for low-pressure sealing applications and resilient enough to withstand severe vibration and impact. V-Balls® are non-magnetic, corrosion resistant, and economical; requiring no lubrication during use, and are perfect for high-speed assembly because no orientation is required. Vernay’s solid V-Ball® elastomeric spheres are finished in a proprietary manufacturing process that provides improved diameter and sphericity as well as smoother, more uniform surfaces.  V-Ball® products are finished to maintain such close tolerances that flash lines are eliminated. 

  • High pressure and high frequency cycling
  • Medical and food grade materials
  • Silicone materials as low as 30 durometer
  • Variety of colors for indicator valves
  • Electrically conductive materials
  • Variety of specific gravities